Health Calendar: Health Related Events In Lake County | Lake County News-sun

There is a $10 registration fee per person (survivor and caregiver fees are waived if they are just signing up for the opening lap). Details, (847) 317-0025. SCREENINGS BLOOD PRESSURE: Free blood-pressure checks are available at Advocate Condell Immediate Care Centers. Details, (800) 323-8622. HIV COUNSELING: The Health Departments Sexually Transmitted Infections Program offers free HIV counseling and testing Monday through Friday at the Belvidere Medical Building, 2400 Belvidere Road, Waukegan. Information about viral hepatitis and screening for other sexually transmitted infections is also available. Details, (847) 377-8450.
Health Calendar: Health related events in Lake County | Lake County News-Sun

Health Care Coverage and Part-Time Workers ā€“ Strategies to Meet the Needs of a Growing Workforce – Yahoo Finance

But those same employers need strong benefit reward strategies if they want to attract and retain the right employees, said Joe Murgo, executive director of Aetna Voluntary Plans. Public Exchanges offer a variety of health coverage choices. They do not offer employees extra coverage such as adult dental and vision plans, term life, and supplemental income protection. As employers work toward reducing costs, while remaining competitive in the marketplace, voluntary products will play a larger role in what benefits companies offer their workers. Employers Recognizing the Need: Part-time workers must comply with the ACAs rule to have health care coverage. But many times these employees are not eligible to enroll in their companys full-time benefits program. While these workers may qualify for significant premium subsidies through the public Exchanges, they may not be able to afford the high out-of-pocket costs. As a result, more employers are looking to add voluntary benefit plans to help meet their employees coverage needs.
Health Care Coverage and Part-Time Workers ā€“ Strategies to Meet the Needs of a Growing Workforce – Yahoo Finance


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